Totally customizable ornaments with one side fully painted

Pricing starts at $275 for one subject.  Each subject adds $95

Embellishments include 100 crystals and or pearls or findings. 

Each additional count of 100 adds $25

Other special findings, charms, trims, and ribbons are possible and start at $15 

These are all one of a kind fully custom works of art. 

This ULTIMATE Ornament of Fleet Street has a variation of the snowflake theme with Victorian style hand-painted snowflakes just under 200 crystals that adds $25 to the total and a lucky horse shoe motif frame around his portrait. 

This ULTIMATE Ornament style is $300 with the additional crystals. 

108959205_3121999961260530_222206540385697184_n (2).jpg
116652756_339107940460134_306001693396465062_n (2).jpg