Thank you so very much to my clients who make it possible for me to do what I love.  Your appreciation inspires me everyday.




After riding and competing horses for more than 50 years, I have become rather a perfectionist in what I expect from a portrait of one of my horses.  I know each nuance and mood of my horses and as such, can be hyper critical, something of which I am not proud.  Julie has done numerous portraits of my horses, dogs, cats and one of my son and his pony and only once have I felt the need to ask for as adjustment.  The alteration was minor and would not be noticed by anyone other than myself, but to me it was very important.  Julie made the modification perfectly and with total understanding.  After having worked with several artists, I can truthfully say that I have found a person that not only understands how important it is to attention to the detail of each animal, but also care to the extreme that her clients are happy with her work.  At present, I have commissioned 9 more pieces from Julie and know that they will be done with care and love.  She is wonderful about asking questions in order to find out exactly what is wanted and has never disappointed.  I have given her portraits to family members and friends of their pets and every one is a treasured addition to their homes.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come. 

With great fondness for Julie,

Marjorie Bateman Kersh Gore – Memphis, Tennessee


Dear Julie,
I have to say your work is outstanding, you are an amazingly gifted artist and are able to capture true uniqueness and individuality of each piece of work you do.   I am so touched and happy, that you made a good friend of mine so happy for Christmas, with your memory stone!  Your memory stone, was so special, and your perfect capture of the essence of my friends beloved dog Titus, I am forever grateful for your talent, and having been able to touch my good friend that moved him to tears with this special gift.
Thank you,
Karen Moran – Fire Island, New York



For several years Julie has produced the most beautiful ornaments of my horses and animals and has every time captured each ones individual character and charm. Her work makes for the most perfect keepsake or gift for those who love their animals as much as you do!

Lyndal Oatley –  Germany



I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was ordering a Christmas ornament for my daughter. Both horses unique markings were perfectly captured and my daughter to this day calls it her favorite gift ever! Julie was not only easy to work with but went above and beyond to deliver it in icy weather so she could have it by Christmas Day. I can't recommend Julie's artistry or her personalized service enough! She made a keepsake for my daughter and me to treasure forever...

Susan Frey – Plano, Texas


WATCHMAN PRE Horses has a "true to life" painting of Fugitivo XII to enjoy. Julie captured his personality, brilliance, and color . Our stallion is headed for international dressage competition and Julie's portrait will go with us to memorialize this great stallion. He may be living at his trainer's barn but Julie's painting makes him "live at home" with his glowing eyes and regal expression. Thank you Julie.

Terry Waechter, WATCHMAN PRE Horses, Modesto, California

I have known Julie since 1991 and have watched her grow from a kid to an adult.  In that time, she has faced many many challenges and she has won.  As soon as I met her, I saw her artistic talent and pressed for her to puesue her work.  All these years all she has doen is get better and better.  I have her first oil of a horse that she had done since being a kid in school.  She captured my mare and her personality in that early work of art.  She has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of who your pet is.  I have a couple of her ornaments done of my precious horses and dog.  Those particular pets are gone now, but they live on in her paintings of them.  Julie, I love you like a daughter and am so very proud of you and your very hard work.  You are truly a Jewel of an artist. 

Mary Ellen Holley – Omaha, Arkansas

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