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Ornament Gallery

Take a darling photo of your fur baby

Then viola a precious hand painted

ornament of your baby 

From Joy in New York ~


Hey Julie just wanted to let you know I got the ornament today! It is absolutely amazing and gorgeous.  I love it.  THANK YOU 


December 12, 2019.

Classic Plus 

Starting at $150

What makes an ornaments a Classic Plus.  It is a portrait painted on the ornament that adds a neck ribbon or a wreath of holly or flowers.  A Classic Plus can also be a jumping pose of a horse.  It is the image of the pet or horse with some painted embelishments.   Changes to the details of your photos can be made, but no add ons beyond the wreaths, neck ribbons, or painting of the front end of the horse jumping.  It is a step up and can be the little extra that makes your keepsake even more meaningful.    The starting price is for one subject and a short phrase on the back or Christmas and the year.  See the video clips to see the back of each ornament. And see more options and ideas on each style's page. 


Todd's Ornament is green glass with a classic holly wreath. 

Shelby's Ornament is gold glass with champion neck ribbon and rosette.  

Doyen is on a tiffany blue glass ornament and he is jumping.  This half body view for jumping is $20 more and a suitable photo must be provided.  

Pogue Mahone is on a gold shatterproof ornament with a patriotic theme.  Large areas of customization are $20 more.  Veterans and Active Duty Military have a discount rate.  Please see Create My Own Ornament page. 

Dassett Profile aka Pro is on a black shatterproof ornament.  The black background puts all the focus on how handsome he is. 

Seek My Spot on a teal blue glass ornament had block letter instead of script lettering.  Also her show name is on the arc above her portrait and her barn name is at the side.  This is an option for you when creating your own custom ornament.   This teal blue color in glass is no longer available. 

Couleur Rose aka Rosie is on a pink glass ornament.  Both her show name and barn name are on her ornament.  She is also sporting a resplendent rose wreath.   

Hopscotch is painted on a lavish blue shatterproof ornament.  He is sporting his neck sash, ribbon and ear bonnet.  

Spirit is on a Coco brown glass ornament with a traditional holly wreath. 

Essex is on a blue glass ornament.  He is in a classic hunter bridle.  This color of blue in glass in no longer available. 

Toy Story is on a red glass ornament.  He is wearing a bridle without reins like he is at a kuering. 

Vision is on a blue glass ornament in his harness.    

This color is no longer available in glass. 

Avery the Beagle is on a midnight blue glass ornament. 

Daisy is delightful on her red glass ornament.  she has some small personalizing details that are included with the basic ornament. 

Rusty is on a lavish blue shatterproof ornament and sporting his blue bandanna.

BJ is on an aubergine shatterproof ornament 

Abby is on a royal blue glass ornament.  the name for your ornament is placed where ever it is most attractive for each unique artwork. 

Charlie is on a dark red glass ornament and sporting a classic holly wreath. 

Cowboy is on a Coco Brown shatterproof ornament 

Sammy is on a green shatterproof ornament 

Atilla is on a blue glass ornament.  This color was very popular and sold out and is no longer available. 

Hazel is on a purple glass ornament.  This color of purple is only available in glass. 

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