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Ordering is easy - just follow the steps below

1. Choose the style of ornament that you like. 


Ornaments come in 4 inch or 100mm in diameter glass and shatterproof styles.  The color choices in each style are shown below.  

Glass Ornaments offer a classic and traditional look for your ornament.  These ornaments are breakable.  So special care should be taken when displaying them. 

Shatterproof Ornaments offer the safety of not shattering when dropped from a height of 4 feet or less.  They can still be damaged in a hard fall and have a dimple or crack due to falling.  But as the description implies, they won't shatter if you drop them like glass will.   One other thing to note is they have a slight seam on the edges of the ornament.  You do not easily notice the seam once it is hung on the tree.  Below the seam is shown in the photo.  All images are painted on the seamless sides to avoid the seam distracting from the art.  This style has been the most popular option in the ornament line since it's introduction in 2015.  

Color Choices in Glass

Click on the color of the ornament you choose and it will take you to the next step 

Color Choices in Shatterproof

Click on the color of the ornament you choose and it will take you to the next step


Tiffany Blue




Coco Brown

Step Two Upload your photos to the drop box.   Keep in mind that if I need to work from multiple photos, I will be contacting you directly to clarify all details.  I can work from black and white photos, as long as there is a color photo showing the info like the color of the animal.  Even if it is another photo of a different animal, you can send it for reference.  I can combine details from photos, take off or put on tack, collars, or bandannas, etc.  This ornament is unique and customized just for you.  I am happy to work with you to get it just right.  So if you need your horse braided, or tack swapped I can make those changes.  Please make sure to note those particulars in the notes section. 

Thank you 

Step Three Click all the customizing features you would like on your ornament.

- Buttons for and sample photos of

Decoration for your pet or horse 

Classic Holly Wreath

Floral Rose Wreath

Floral Daisy Wreath

Floral Magnolia Wreath

Floral Forget me Nots Wreath

Champion Neck Ribbon

Rosette Ribbon



Special Adds - like toys or flowers

Classic portrait style

Back of Ornaments

Buttons for 

Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas

Forever In Our Hearts

Best Dog Ever

Hoof Prints On My Heart

Paw Prints On My Heart

Run Free

Family Forever

Loved Forever

Happy Birthday

- Your Custom Phrase - Please less than 30 characters including spaces. 


Step four

Shipping information and Date Must Have

Entering Shipping instructions 

Receive An automated production date

Elect for Rush Order or request a date

Gift Wrapping - Note 

Standard shipping USPS  

Electing for UPS or FedEx alternate shipping $$

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