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Mixed Media Portraits

Mixed Media artwork is created using a combination of Prisma Color Pencils and Arcylic paint on acid free mat board.  The two mediums blend so seemlessly they appear to be one.  I enjoy the veristlity of the two together and the intensity of the pigments.  All of the works here are created from photos provided by my clients and used with permission from  the professional photographers when applicable.  While I work from photos, I can make many adjusts or additions to the images like, change the setting, correct a rider's position, change clothes or outfits, change tack on a horse or even to some extent the horse's expression.  It is fun to see what is possible.  Let's dream up what you would like to have for your portrait.   Please contact me me if you are interested in exploring a commission. 

RevitaVet Capato

18 x 24 Mixed Media on matboard
Screenshot_20181123-145705_Facebook (2).

Capito was a very special horse who left this world way too soon.  His rider Jordan Linstedt had many wonderful competitions with this brave horse.  Their future looked bright indeed.  Upon loosing her horse of a lifetime, it was evident the heartbreak that Jordan felt.   Jordan's friends contacted me about creating a special piece of art for her.  The main image comes with photo credit to Hope Carlin and the Rolex image from Tamie Smith.  Both used with permission to create this collage portrait showing the beauty, power, and grace of this incredicble horse who is missed by not only those in his close circle, but by throngs of adoring fans.  


The Creation of RevitaVet Capato  


8x10 for C. Chapman of North Carolina

This little darling was created from a photo taken by the client while her baby was about to fall off into a peaceful nap snuggled into a quilt on the bed.   


I just got my portrait of Eloise from the amazing and super talented Julie Lawther.  I am in awe.  I feel like Weezie is looking right at me and the tears are happy ones. God I miss this sweet girl but I am honored to have this portrait of her.  Thank you, Julie, from the bottom of my heart.   ~ C. Chapman 

Kaley & Tuscan Sun
16x20 Mixed Media on Mat Board

This piece was created from a photo taken after a perfect Cross Country Run a Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, MT.   This photo was snapped by her mother Nancy Sapper of San Diego, CA.  Her mother commissioned this piece as a graduation gift for Kaley.   While preparing to ship the artwork to her Nancy relayed these thoughts.  "I am so excited to give this to her!  I can barely keep the secret now as it is!!   It's exquisite.  My family will cherish this for decades to come.  What a gift you've given us!!!"

Photo credit to Nancy Sapper of San Diego, CA. 

Madelyn & Posiden 

12 x 12 Mixed Media on mat board.  Painted for The May Family of Austin, TX. 

-"We all love it!!! I wish you could have seen Madelyn's face when she opened it!  It's just perfect!" ~ Mrs. May 

Photo Credit to Alexandra Altamirano - used with permission.

Pats for Perfection 

24 x 36 Mixed Media on mat board.  Painted for the Hoffman Family of St. Charles, Illinois

"This is so awesome!  Thank you.  We love it!"  Erica Hoffman 

Photo Credit to USEA - used with permission

Sunflower Princess  - 11x14 Mixed Media

Reference Photo from my client Meredith Gallagher.  

The piece was created as a gift for Mrs. Gallasgher's daughter.  Upon receiving the artwork she said, "Looks great!! Thanks so much!!"

And she sent a photo of the piece framed.  Her daughter totally loved it. 

A Taste of Spring Grass  8x10 Mixed Media 

This Mixed Media was created for B. Buenger of Illinois.  The reference photo was taken by the client. 

Upon receiving her piece her sent me this note.  "My painting is here! I love it"

I've Got Your Back  16x20 Mixed Media

This 16x20 Mixed Media was created of John Phillips of Ohio as a gift to his Granddaughter Barrett Phillips.  

Reference photo provided by Kelly Phillips. 

Once the piece was ready to ship to Kelly, she sent me this note.  "Holy Cow is right... amazing!!! This looks identical to the photo. Can't wait to see it in person :) Thank you so much!!!

This work has been reproduced in prints and various items like cards and coasters.  It is one of my favorites.  

Sundance Bay's Championship Glow 

16x20 Mixed Media on Mat Board

Created for Aylssa Phillips as a gift from her parents upon her individual and team gold medal at the NAJYR * Eventing Championships.  

Reference photo credit Brant Gamma, used with permission. 

A rare opportunity for me to present and deliver the finished work in person.  

Might Be Regal 

16x24 Mixed Media on matboard


Reggie close up.jpg

Created for Ann and Brindley House.  Reggie was Brindley's mount for the Area V NAJYR * Eventing Championships and a much beloved partner.  

Reference photo credit Brant Gamma, used with permission. 


16x30 Mixed Media on matboard


Cropped Sophie.jpg

Created for Natalie Prentice as a benefit for the Wisconsin Hunter Jumper Association in 2014. 


Sophie is former a much beloved partner in the show ring and now a wonderful mom of future champions.


This work was created on a dark green matboard to enhance the lighting on Sophie for an ethereal feel.    

Reference photo credit Natalie Prentice

Final for Bogey.jpg

8 x 10 Mixed Media on matboard

Created for the Lobaugh family in memory of a a cherished member of their family. 

"It looks great! We miss him every day, (we) love this of our beloved dog and hunting buddy." Julie Lobaugh 


Reference photo credit Mr. Lobaugh

Use this one of Bogey.jpg
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