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Fine Oil Paintings on Canvas

These are some examples of Fine Oil painted on Canvas.  All custom artworks are painted from photos supplied by my clients and with permission and consideration to the professional photographers if applicable.  My work is an enhancement of reality, not a copy of a photograph.  Realism and refinement of the photos to enhance them is the goal.  These works are an interpretation of life and as such have a life of their own.  It is my goal to bring to life what my client invisions with my interpretation.  Please contact me if you are interested in inquiring about a commission.

Carol's Dream Trio - 24 x 36 oil on canvas 

This piece of art was created for my client C. Nichols of Dallas, Texas.  

The reference photos were taken by me to create the ideal poses for the horses. 

I was delighted to get the opportunity to meet her horses and photograph them for the artwork.   

Once I delivered the painted and help my client with framing options she was thrilled.   

We had it frames and up in her home just in time for her big party. 

"It is like they are right here in the room with us.  I just love them.  It is perfect" - C. Nichols 

Captian Kurt Klaus - 20 x 24 oil on canvas 
Completed work and cropped High res.png

This piece of art was created for my client Melissa Klaus Osburn of New Hope, AL.  

The reference photo was taken by my client on an Iphone. 

The lighting did not show the redness of his bay coloring, so based on many more snapshots the color was added.  And the ears and top of his mane were added to create a more classic composition.   Kurt was a wonderful painting to create with so many transparent layers of colors to capture his loving gaze in this delicious light. 

I am delighted that he hangs in her home in a spot she passes by several times a day.

"I always touch it and say hi. It’s so real." - Melissa Klaus Osburn 

17426103_10155145776903781_6306664303279389435_n (2).jpg

This main the reference photo for had a bluish light tone and lost most of the red tone.   Using secondary photos, I was able to capture more of his true coat color.  

Gray Light Work  - 14x18  Oil on Canvas

This is the reference photo for Grey Light Work provided by my client M. Waley.   She had the painting done as a graduation present for her daughter.  Sadly they lost this beautiful horse.  He was a treasured member of the family.  A year to the day he was lost, the painting was presented to her daugther.  

When my client gave the painting to her daughter this is what she sent to me. 

"Priceless!!!!  Thank you so much.  She shed a few tears.  She loves it." M. Waley Austin, Texas

Boston - 22 x 28  Oil on Canvas

Loughnatousa Spaniard

24 x48 Fine Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


A rare opportunity for me to meet and photograph the horse I painted.  Boston was a sweet willing and very photogenic horse.  

This painting was created for an anonymous client. 

"This is so life like!" ~ client

From a trainer who knew this horse and saw the artwork on display at a show, "I knew exactly who that horse was from all the way back down the hall.  The work is exquisite."  


This work was a challenge with the water spray.   A few adjustments for the artistic feel of the work were made from the photo.  The movement and the power of the splashing of the horse in the water was what I wanted to have come through. 



"I plan to cherish him forever." Susan Martin

Reference photo courtesy of Liz Crawley Professional Photography used with permission.  

A Little Thank You  - 18x24 Oil on Canvas

This painting was created for the Klaus Family of Texas.  It depicts Abigail giving GiGi a special cookie.


The client is quoted - 


"It really is amazing. I've had so many people comment on this photo - I just knew I wanted it painted. 

I love this, it's beautiful!!! I can't believe the detail you captured in GiGi's face. It's just amazing.  And Abigail is perfect!

Her little face and expression come through perfectly."  L. Klaus  

Semper Fi  - 24x48 Fine Oil on gallery wrap canvas

created for Brittany Kart of Georgia depecting three scenes of Brittany and Semper Fi aka "Eddie" in their Eventing career. 

The top scene is painted from this photo used with permission from Shannon Brinkman Photography.  The image was adapted and changed from a raining overcast day to a sunny day and less complicated background. 

The middle scene is painted from a photo with permission courtsey of Squirrel Photography

The third scene was painted from another Shannon Brinkman Photography image and shows Eddie and Brittany clearing a corner after jumping out of a water obstacle. 

Brittany had seen the artwork progress and the finished work on line.  When she got to see the piece in person for the first time at the 2016 AECs, she could hardly keep from becoming emotional.  She said, "I am only going to look just once while I am here.  If I look at it much more, I will just cry.  You captured him and his expression and you made me look pretty.  I love it, I totally love it."  

As as artist, I can't ask for much more of a compliment than to bring a memory to life like this for my client. 

Table For Three - 20x20 Fine Oil on Gallery Wrap

This is a rare original piece not created as a commission and has been sold.  A few of the 10 Limited Edition Gliche' Prints on canvas are still available.  

This piece was adapted from a photo taken by Doug Payne and used with permission 

Buddy Time 16x20 Oil on Canvas

A moment captured with an incandescent light on the left and the blue light of a TV on the right and a man with his dog sitting on the sofa, pure happiness 

Photo credit R. Sewell, MD. Southlake, TX.  Used with permission.

Bud 11x14 Oil on Gesso Board

Bud is a Percheron and Quarter Horse cross.  He is stunning with his flowing locks of mane and forelock.  Placed on a dark back ground the lighting of his features increases the drama of his portrait.  

"You did an amazing job, Julie" - Laurie Gately - Bud's owner

She was surprised with this gift from her daughter and family at Christmas

"You are truly talented, Julie!! Thanks again" - Samantha Gately

After working his nostrils and muzzle wi
This was the reference photo for Buddy.

Reference photo provided by S. Gately and used with permission

Four Of A Kind - 20x40 Oil on Canvas

This painting is a creation from 8 photos and many additional snaps shots for Mrs. Carolyn Latham of Texas.  These four horses are the pride of Mrs. Latham's reining career. 


Mrs. Latham was thrilled with the painting.  It was a culmination of the dream portrait she had in mind to have her four favorite horses in one painting.  


 All of the photos are used with permission from the client and commercial releases obtained by the clieint. 

Fugitivo XII 22x28 Oil on Canvas

Painted for Mrs. Terry Waecther of California of her prize PRE Stallion Fugitivo XII.

Of this painting she said, "captures his beauty, character, and gentle nature" 

Fugi was ridden and shown by Para Equestrian Susan Treabess she said of this painting, "Julie - like I said, you nailed him!  His charisma is crawling off the canvas.  But to be honest his charisma crawls off of everything! And his nose is very kissable.  He gets a nose raspberry every day. 

Reference photo used with permission from Equestrian Moments Photography

On Eagle's Wings 30x40 Fine Oil on Canvas

We love the portrait of Colin (On Eagle's Wings) and our daughter.   We have displayed it in our living room above the fireplace.  It is perfect and we receive many compliments on the artwork.  It is just wonderful, an heirloom that will be in our family for generations. 

Painted for the Wood Family of Aledo, Texas from a photo taken by Brant Gamma and used with permission.


Mrs. Wood, "We love having the big guy on the mantle. Thank you for capturing this special memory" 

The Fall Scouting Party - 8x10 Oil on Canvas

The works above and  below were created at the request of  my client Mrs. A. House of Fort Worth, Texas, as a retirement gift from the firm. Mr. C. Cirone is an avid Hunter and both of these photos were taken by Bart Stewart and used with permission.  

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