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Welcome to the fine art gallery where the three mediums offered by the artist Prisma Color Pencil, Mixed Media (Arcylic and Prisma Color Pencil) and Fine Oil are featured.   Custom works of art including horses, dogs, cats, and people in various settings or without a setting are featured in the galleries along side the reference photos provided by the client.  Inquires for commissions are welcome, capturing your memories and dreams with an heirloom quality piece of fine art is our specialty.  

Quick hyperlapse video of the portrait creation process. 
This work is primarily in acrylic. 

Below are the progression images of a Prisma Color Pencil piece coming to life.  Prisma Color Pencil is one of three mediums offered for commissioned artwork. 

first progression
second progression
third progression
fourth progression
fifth progression
sixth progression
seventh progression
eigth progression
ninth progression
tenth progression
eleventh progression
twelveth progression
thirteenth progression
fourtheenth progression
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