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Totally customizable ornaments with one side fully painted
Pricing starts at $225 for one subject.  Each subject adds $95
For the back a short phrase or Christmas and the year are included.
 on the reverse side start at $15 and go up. 
Accents of pearls and crystals can be added for $15/50ct $25 for 100ct

This Fancy Ornament of Pinky shows a wreath painted on the edge encircling the horse.  You can see the hand-painted holly wreath that goes all the way around on this video clip.  The edge treatment and the horse's image is just one idea that is a FANCY style of ornament.  The address on the reverse side painted as a pewter style plaque adds $25 to this ornament.   Simply having hand painted wording up to 25 characters with no framing would not add an additional charge. 

Created for the Johnson Family of Texas 

AS SHOWN this ornament is $250.00

Pinky on Xmas Green (2)_edited.jpg
Screenshot_20190827-134102_Pages Manager (2).jpg
Screenshot_20190827-134055_Pages Manager (2).jpg

Zoe LaRue is a full on Princess Pup.   She is on a pink shatterproof ornament with pearls and painted accents around the crown of the ornament and she has a super extra decked out Pink Poinsettia wreath around her neck with some extra tiny sparkles of Swarovski crystals

With the additional crystals and pearls this ornament design is $240

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