These very special ornaments add just a bit more individual motifs and customization to bring that special meaning to your keepsake

This style starts at $150  and included are these detail options

*wreath added around the neck *rosette ribbon neck or bridle  *bandanas or shirts for pets

This style can have crystals or other embellishments added for $15 for 50 count or $25 for 100 count.  Any extra painting will move the ornament up to the next level of creativity.

Sweet Bonnie is a classic example of a CLASSIC PLUS STYLE ORNAMENT.  She has a holly wreath with pink poinsettia flowers accenting the decoration she wears.   Very festive for the Holidays.   Other wreath options can include florals or other leaves, whatever your idea or a flower that has meaning to you can be used to make your keepsake truly unique.

Bonnie's ornament style is $150