I am always striving to capture the essence of each subject.

Their heart can be seen in their eyes.


 - Julie Lawther 

About the Arist Julie Lawther


Julie Lawther’s favorite quote is ‘those things learned best are learned by doing’.   This quote can sum up her life.  She grew up in Southeast Texas and from a very young age she exhibited an aptitude in art.  She enrolled in fine oil painting lessons at age 7 where she studied with Elaine May in Conroe, Texas, for 5 years.  After that time, she was self taught picking up the additional mediums of acrylic, water color, pencil and color pencil.  She has been learning by doing ever since.

Like most girls Julie had a deep love for all animals but especially horses.  This love for all things horses developed into many careers in the horse industry.  Her background as a trainer, riding instructor, farrier, and equine veterinary technician has given her insight into many equine disciplines and breeds.  Now she combines her experience and knowledge of horses with her artistic talents to create equine works of art.  Painting and drawing horses has led to creating works for her clients of dogs and cats and many other animals as well as human portraiture.  These opportunities presented by her clients have given the artist the opportunity to grow and expand her repertoire.

"Art is more than a pretty picture.  Good art should evoke emotion in the viewer." ~ Julie Lawther.  With her work she wants the viewer to see the work as technically correct as well as feel an emotional connection to the subject.  She believes the eye sees much more color, detail and life than the camera can capture.  Her artistic insight into her subject matter, knowledge of anatomy, and attention to detail make her paintings and drawings great works of art that no camera can catch.  It is her goal to grow as an artist and learn by doing in order to create better work with each piece. Her works hang in many corporate and private art collections across the United States, North America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.  Currently, she lives in Tuscola, Texas with family, horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. 

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